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Catalyst Moon is an epic fantasy series with notes of romance that introduces an old world where magic is new and rebellion is on the horizon.

“I was carried away.  Kudos to this writer for providing a story so griping as to pull me away from the real world.

~ Anna L. Walls


“Fantasy is not usually my go-to genre, but I couldn’t put this book down since I came across it. Overall, the plot was described beautifully and characters were developed in a way that made readers attached to them, fearing for their safety at every twist and turn. Would definitely recommend to all my fantasy loving friends.”

~ Vanessa C.


“I read a lot of fantasy novels, and I was not disappointed with this book! I can’t wait for the sequel to come out. If you’re looking for a character driven plot, with a few moving arcs that aren’t too hard to keep track of, this book is for you. The world is well built but there isn’t time wasted on overly descriptive passages. It’s a really well written book.”

~ CJ Fisher


Everything begins with a journey…

Magic is new to the country of Aredia. Mages are enslaved for their abilities, locked behind high walls and guarded by sentinels – elite warriors with an unnatural immunity to magic. Kali, a crippled mage who longs to escape her painful past, travels to meet a powerful healer in Whitewater City. But on the way her sentinel escort is decimated by monstrous raiders, leaving her with a single guardian, Stonewall: a sentinel with nothing but his chosen name and his faith in the gods. Together, Kali and Stonewall must learn to work together to survive a harrowing journey while demonic creatures from the north invade their lands. Meanwhile, the mages and sentinels of Whitewater City are drawing battle lines and preparing for war – against one another. What will await Kali should she ever reach her destination?

Magic and adventure collide in Catalyst Moon: Incursion, the first book of an epic fantasy series that introduces an old world where magic is new…and rebellion is on the horizon.

Books in the Catalyst Moon series:

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About the author

Lauren has been a storyteller all her life. She started writing down her stories at the age of twelve; two decades and over two million words later, she shows no sign of stopping. While living in various fantasy worlds of her own making, Lauren earned a BA in English Literature and married her high school sweetheart. She currently resides in North Florida with her husband, where she enjoys hiking, weightlifting, kayaking, and dancing at music festivals.

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